Busted! Libido Booster Ayur 69 is a Scam!

If you are suffering from low testosterone problem and taking Ayur 69 to enhance your sex drive then stop taking it immediately. Why? This is a fake product and it can never help you to raise your T level. The product is being heavily advertised as a male enhancer to give a significant boost body’s natural secretion of testosterone and increase a man’s libido. Unfortunately, all these claims are false. The company behind this drug is actually making false claims with testimonials of users that do not actually exist.

When you search for Ayur 69 tablets online, a multitude of websites pop up showing impressive but fake before and after pictures as well as absolutely misleading reviews and customer testimonials to fool people into thinking that the supplement is safe and more effective than it actually is. So while choosing a supplement for any of your health problem you need to choose the one which is not cheap but best for you. After all it’s a matter of your health. And to be on safe side, you need to do an extensive research to scrutinize the supplement inside out so it could not affect your health. The market is overburdened with Ayur 69 and many such kind of supplements that lure innocent people with their fraudulent claims.

Ayur 69 - What is it?

Ayur 69 is said to be natural pills to accelerate your body’s natural production of testosterone and elevate sexual desire to the highest level. The supplement comes in oil and tablet forms and both are claimed to be equally effective in increasing your libido so you enjoy the fulfilling sex life. Its manufacturer claims the product is prepared with 100% natural ingredients and is completely authentic. It also alleges the herbal formula used in Ayur 69 delivers outstanding visible results in a mere four weeks. The makers of the supplement ensure that the buyers can have full confidence in the quality and safety of their supplement as it has been developed after years of extensive research and testing by ayurvedic experts in major labs in India. However, all these claims seem false as the company does not have enough evidence that can validate the authenticity of their claims.

The manufacturer claims Ayur 69 contains supreme quality herbs and plant-extracts in its formulation but you will not find all of them stated on the label of its bottle, which may generate an uncertainty amongst buyers as to what exactly is inside these tablets. The manufacturer and retailers of Ayur 69 tablets make exaggerate claims to convince you to buy this product but they do not tell you about the risk of side effects it can cause to your body.  Yes, you read that right. As per the description provided by several online retailers of Ayur 69, its herbal formula contains a combination of pure natural herbal compounds and rasayanas that work together to boost testosterone production and libido in a safe and healthy manner, without posing any health complications. But the fact is that this supplement causes a number of side effects and is quite dangerous to consume.

You can see a number of negative user reviews all over the Internet that show how this scam testo booster can cause serious complications like acute pain in genitals, dizziness all day long, red rashes and boils all over the skin, high blood pressure, skin allergy, and in extreme cases kidney damage and deteriorated digestive system. Unfortunately, the company and retailers of this supplement will never reveal these drawbacks to their customers. Not to mention, all these misleading claims and skewed information make us extremely skeptical to call Ayur 69 a genuine product or trust it.

Ayur 69 libido booster is a fake product that never fulfils its promises and always fails to deliver what you expect from it. If you or any of your known is tempted by Ayur 69 to increase your testosterone level or libido, then we strongly advise you to simply ignore this male enhancer and look for any other genuine libido booster. If you still buy this scrap testo booster then we are sure, at the end of the day, you will get hurt and very disappointed when you will see no results.

So, if you are thinking to buy Ayur 69 or currently using male enhancing drug to heighten your sex potency then we suggest you to take this advice seriously and stop considering or using this fake drug. Instead, those who are really concerned about their manhood can go for natural ways such as nutritious foods and exercises to boost the body’s natural testosterone production as they do not carry any health risks and are completely safe. To know more about Syur 69 tablets and read an honest review about this libido enhancer, visit http://alphaninja.in/ayur-69/.